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You had me worried for a second, Kelly! I was concerned that Kelly Osbourne had gone all Hollywood after she posted a photo on Instagram hooked up to an IV getting a vitamin push beauty treatment. Don’t expect her to start referring to herself in third person and requesting that she only gets blue M&Ms on her rider because even though she got a strange fancy schmancy beauty treatment, Kelly kept things real by making fun of herself:

Kelly Osbourne Vitamin Push IV Instagram Photo

Would you expect anything less from the girl who admitted that she was her own inspiration for her MAC collection? Kelly captioned the above photo:

“Getting a #vitaminPush from my favorite nurse @maryquan I feel so Hollywood right now I can’t stop laughing! What can I say I have to stay healthy and this really does work I can’t afford to get sick right now! #GirlOnTheGo”

I love Kelly for not losing touch with reality and for acknowledging the fact that shoving a needle in your arm to get vitamins sounds ridiculous. (What exactly is wrong with popping a multivitamin?) Similarly, I am impressed that she is still giggling despite having the IV attached to her. Just looking at this photo makes me a bit nauseous. Thank goodness it’s not a hospital selfie.

As someone who appreciates wacky beauty inventions and treatments, I like that Kelly gave this procedure a shot (pun intended). Yes it’s weird and could hardly be described as pleasant, but if it works, why not? Clearly she isn’t afraid of trying new things after she traded out bobby pins for safety pins in this edgy updo.

You can get all the vitamin IV drips you want, but the day you stop posting butt-exposing selfies and start saying stupid things like comparing your job to war, then I will have to call you out Kelly, so please don’t change.

(Photos: Getty Images, Instagram/Kelly Osbourne)