Kelly Ripa lost a Super Bowl bet and, as a result, she had to go—GASP!—makeup-less on her show, Live With Kelly and Michael yesterday morning. And apparently, it was a weirdly traumatic and erroneously hilarious experience for everyone involved.

Except, you know, not wearing makeup is really not that earth-shaking. I understand that Kelly wears it every day professionally, but there are millions of women who wear no makeup…ever. It’s not the end of the world to not wear it for a few hours. It shouldn’t be the cause for tons of unfunny jokes likening Kelly to a man (???) just because she’s not wearing powder and paints on her face.

As our Fashion and Beauty editor Samantha Escobar points out, men also wear tons of makeup on those kinds of live talk shows; It’s just not makeup that we’d readily notice, as we might Kelly’s. All celebrities who are getting paid to do something wear makeup. I don’t see anyone daring Michael Strahan not to wear a full face of powder on the air.

Guys, I should mention that, to add insult to injury, Kelly had to wear no makeup when the king of all kings and hottest of all hot men ever, George Clooney, was a guest on the show. God forbid a man who barely dates anyone over 30 years old would see a woman without makeup! They even kept him in a dressing room with covers over the screens, so he wouldn’t see Kelly before he actually got out on set. Because George Clooney has never seen a woman without makeup in his life? What? The whole thing is just so strange.

George, of course, made sure to say that he thought Kelly looked beautiful. Michael Strahan, this morning, also made sure to tell Kelly that there was almost no negative reactions to her appearance yesterday. Thank god, right? Because if anyone had said that Kelly looked less than perfect in her natural state it would have been cause for her to have a crisis of self-confidence?

I just don’t get it. Kelly was lauded for her bravery for not wearing makeup, but she only went without makeup because she lost a bet, aka she was in essence forced to. I mean, not forced at gunpoint, but you know what I mean. All this woman did was go on television with her own, bare, face.

It’s not like I expect a totally mainstream morning show like Live With Kelly And Michael to do anything other than perpetuate existing beauty standards for women. But the way Kelly’s makeup-less day was talked about by both herself and Michael, you’d think we were living in a time when it’s totally unheard of for anyone female-identified to step foot out of their home with anything less than a full face of foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and more. And that’s not true, not even for famous women. Let’s not forget Beyonce just posted some makeup-free selfies last week, after all.

While going barefaced might not be the norm for Kelly, the way the show treated the bet perfectly illustrates the continued ridiculousness of look-based expectations for women, especially for those in the public eye.

Photo: WireImage