Kendall Jenner Forgot To Bring Her Eyebrows To Her Teen Vogue ShootFor the past few months, we have been pretty excited for Kendall Jenner‘s rise in the modeling world (even if it was the indirect result of her sister’s XXX tape some odd years ago, like all Kardashian Kareers). She’s been in all sorts of magazines, both topless and less topless, achieving quite a lot in a very short period of time. In fact, Kendall has made it to the cover of Teen Vogue‘s September issue–the biggest of the year, thus warranting two separate covers with two very pretty and fun looks. But one look inside the magazine contains some familiar makeup that removes a very important set of features on her face.

Both magazine covers are beautiful, with one presenting Kendall in a cool gray bowler hat of a size even Pharrell would approve of and the other showing Kendall’s hair in a messy ‘do similar to Lucy Hale‘s on the September cover of Cosmo. Within the magazine, however, there’s a photo of Kendall sans brows and it is…well, it’s odd.

Kendall Jenner Forgot To Bring Her Eyebrows To Her Teen Vogue ShootPerhaps even her eyebrows don’t feel like hanging out with the Kardashians anymore? While I think the no-brow look can be cool sometimes, I have previously commented on how much it makes models look like baby dolls in a not-so-good way. As a matter of fact, Kendall herself walked the Givenchy runway earlier this year looking like a very angry baby, but I suppose that is how high fashion works sometimes. You remove some features, furrow your face, and walk quickly in high heels without falling. Look! There’s your first modeling lesson, everybody.

Perhaps we should just go back to doing that big ol’ bouffant from LOVE; at least then there was a surplus of hair, rather than a subtraction.

Check out the full story and photos over at Teen Vogue!