Kendall Jenner's Bouffant Is Bigger Than Her Entire Family's Ego--Yes, Even Kanye

Photo: TheLOVEMagazine/Instagram

I must admit that I am increasingly fond of Kendall Jenner‘s photo shoots. This is partially because she looks like she is having such a good time in them and is actually pretty great at the whole “modeling” thing, but also because stylists and designers seem to have a fun with her. In a recent LOVE Magazine photo shoot (the same one for which she was topless yesterday), she was given a hairdo that Adele might approve of: a giant, towering bouffant.

In an Instagram post captioned “Big hair don’t care – @kendalljenner #KendallTakesOver,” Kendall sits with a grin on her face whilst an enormous hairstyle sits atop her head. In fact, I think her hair may actually be larger than her face. It is so large, in fact, that it is potentially bigger than anybody in her family’s ego combined, which is really saying something because she’s now officially related to Kanye West. (And North West, whom we all know is a ruthless fame monster.) (No I’m kidding, she’s a baby.)

While I do not recommend trying a hairstyle quite as large as this one, I do absolutely love the idea of getting a big teased ‘do and pairing it with this beautiful winged liner. That plus a chiffon swing dress or an LBD? Voila! You’ve got the perfect evening look.

From walking for Chanel in the Couture Fashion Week this year to attending events in a small army predominantly made up of tall people wearing Balmain, Kendall has proven herself to be a formidable candidate for the modeling world. While reality television tends to weaken the reputation and image of most stars trying to become “real” models, Kendall is one of the few exceptions to the rule; indeed, it seems like her onscreen personality has only strengthened her career, giving designers and fashion editors a reason to pop her into shoots and on the catwalk.