kendall-jenner-photoshop-coverThis might be the most WTF example of tabloid magazine fat-shaming I have ever seen. It’s not that any sort of tabloid cellulite-spotting makes sense, but this magazine has actually Photoshopped cellulite onto Kendall Jenner for the express purpose of calling her fat.

Famous ran a huge cover story about Kendall Jenner under the appalling headline: “Model Bosses Blast Kendall ‘You’re Too Fat For Runway’: Devastated Kendall Ordered To Lose 8KG”

The headline accompanies two large photos of Kendall Jenner modeling in the Tommy Hilfiger show at New York Fashion Week, and in the rear-view photo she appears to have some cellulite on her upper thigh.

That would be a terrible and unnecessary story even if it were true. Cellulite happens on women of all sizes, including extremely thin ones. There are certainly runway models who have some, and running a giant cover story about how a tall, skinny, professional runway model is “too fat” is terrible and exactly the sort of thing that leads to terrible body image and unrealistic standards of beauty. But what makes this case twice as absurd is the fact that, as Swagger New York points out, the photos of Kendall Jenner on the Tommy Hilfiger runway show no signs of cellulite at all. There’s just nothing there. The cellulite is a lie.

A magazine seriously Photoshopped cellulite onto a model for the express purpose of publicly fat-shaming her. I keep saying that, because this makes no sense. A magazine knew that running a giant cover story about how Kendall Jenner is fat would do well, so they just invented the story themselves.

Photo: Famous