2015 American Music Awards - ArrivalsAt this point, it’s a bit late to say that the Kardashians are taking over the beauty industry. They already did that a few launches ago. They’ve taken over with the Kardashian beauty line, Kylie Jenner‘s hair extensions, and, of course, Kylie’s instantly sold-out lip kits. Oh, and there was the recent launch of Kylie’s nail polish line and rumors circulating that a Caitlyn Jenner beauty line could be in the works. They pretty much have the beauty game covered, but now they are taking over just a little bit more: Kendall Jenner has designed a new eyeshadow palette for Estee Lauder.

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Kendall Jenner is one of the gorgeous faces of Estee Lauder and she recently became the guest editor of The Estee Edit. Her first order of business was to create a custom shadow palette for the Estee Edit range. Kylie has nails and lips covered, so it makes perfect sense that Kendall is going to take over the eyes.

The palette has a range of shades from subtle neutrals to smokey hues, with a few pops of color, according to Refinery29, who got an exclusive look at the new launch. There are two larger shimmery shades with six smaller duo shadows. Check it out:

The colors are the shades that Kendall normally wears so there isn’t anything too wild. There are lots of browns and she did include a purple shadow because it is her favorite color. (You probably already knew that.) It is the sort of versatile palette that you could wear during the day to work then build on it to create a sexy evening makeup look.

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And here’s the real game changer: the two larger shades are activated by black light and they glow in the dark. Even if you own a ton of eyeshadow palettes, you probably don’t have any that do that. If you use those two shades, you can wear them during the day then head out in the evening without doing anything to your makeup. If you loved glow-in-the-dark nail polish, you are going to love glow-in-the-dark eyeshadow just as much.

The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder palette will set you back $48. It will be available at Sephora stores on March 15, so put that in your calendar ASAP and pray that it is easier to get than Kylie’s lip kits. Fingers crossed that it is, but don’t get your hopes up too much if you go to the store a few days hours after the launch. This palette is a guaranteed sellout.

Kendall Jenner’s The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette will be available in Sephora stores on March 15.

(Photo: Getty Images)