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Ke$ha has completed her eating disorder treatment and has tweeted that she’s back in action, with a new hair color to boot. While I’m never going to be a big fan of Ke$ha’s music and occasionally problematic word choices, her positivity, gratitude for her supportive fans, and strength despite awful, backwards media coverage are downright inspiring.

In Ke$ha’s first tweet since January, she posted a picture of a girl looking out a plane window. I didn’t recognize the red head in the picture at first until People pointed out the wrist tattoo, so it looks like Ke$ha has awesome red hair, now.

Of course, much more important than her new hair color is Ke$ha’s general state of mind, which seems wonderfully positive.

I have a pretty big soft spot for celebrities who talk about eating disorders publicly and bring awareness to treatment options. It’s hard for any one of us to slow down and take care of ourselves, but there’s an added level for celebrities, who not only have exceptionally busy lives but also public commitments and the fear of letting an entire fan base down. I’m personally thrilled that Ke$ha took the time to heal and focus on her health, because eating disorders are serious business and need to be treated as you would any other serious illness. Recovery’s a long–sometimes life-long–and difficult process, and here’s to hoping that Ke$ha continues to take care of herself and make sure she gets the help and support she needs.

Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images