Ke$ha tries dark lipstick on the red carpet at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

inger Ke$ha arrives at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards at Sony Pictures Studios on April 14, 2013 in Culver City

Ke$ha is a lot of things–massively successful, book smart, fond of drinking her own pee, sexually attracted to ghosts and… weird. Just a generally weird individual. Which is why we’re cool with her here, but sometimes it feels a little relentless? She did, after all, solicit fans to send her any teeth they weren’t using so she could make a bra out of them.

Oh! And she was born with a tail:

“I had a tail when I was born. It was a tiny tail, about a quarter of an inch, then they chopped it off and stole my tail. That was when I was little. I’m really sad about that story.”

By “stole,” does she mean simply, “removed surgically”?

We guess there’s something to be said for letting anyone reach an age of consent before modifying their bodies (which is why people think Gisele is a horrible parent this week), but a tail could… potentially… affect quality of life? Like, Ke$ha the eccentric, pee-drinking popstar would make sense with a tail nub, but Kesha Sebert the part-time waitress struggling to pay her student loans might not be so pleased if they just decided to leave it on.

(That incredible red carpet photo via Getty)