kesha's baby green hair

Kesha never runs out of ways to keep me interested. The statements she made following her eating disorder treatment were nothing short of inspiring, she found a way to make formulaic music seem unique, and I was so emotionally affected by her decision to drop the dollar sign from her name that I had to write it a eulogy. And her latest surprise? Dyeing her hair a stunning shade of pastel green.

kesha's green hair and bra

She only uploaded the photos to her Instagram last night, but I’m already completely obsessed. It’s such a great twist on the unnatural hair color trend. She’s found the perfect middle ground between the fairy-like pastel (like Kelly Osbourne‘s lavender) and the bold, less traditionally feminine color (like Katy Perry‘s primary green). I also love that it looks like she’s making her way through the whole rainbow, since she’s had blue, pink, and purple tresses in the last few months. She even combined photos of all her different colors into one stunning image (that I’m kind of considering printing out to put on my fridge). Would I even be shocked to hear that she just bought a pack of Easter egg dye and mixed it all with her conditioner?

kesha's various hair colors

While I kind of miss her dirty-grungy-jack-and-Colgate aesthetic, I can totally get behind the mystical-fairy-mermaid-creature version of Kesha, too. It sounds stupid to say this about someone I’ve never met, but I feel proud of her. She’s making a bold statement with her hair that echoes the message she delivers to her fans. Be who you are, do what you want, don’t let anyone else own you, and don’t have blonde hair if you want to be green.

Photos: @iiswhoiis on Instagram