kesha's various hair colors

If you’re looking for some fun beauty inspiration, just look to Kesha. You wouldn’t be surprised if she had glitter coming out of her pores, and I mean that in the best possible way. Kesha loves to have fun with her hair and makeup looks. She can go for a very natural look, but she never shies away from from bold colors, face paint and the aforementioned glitter. If we just focus on her hair she has been blonde, she’s dyed her hair blue and she’s sported rainbow looks that any My Little Pony would be jealous of.

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Take a look at all the time Kesha gave us rainbow hair inspiration:

1. Pale BlueKesha Pale Blue Hair

Denim hair is one of the latest hair color trends, but this very pale blue is another color you should add to your list of must-try hair colors. Kesha also earns extra credit for expertly coordinating her clothes with her hair.

2. Purple HairKesha Purple Hair

This look is one of the reasons we are obsessed with purple hair. No matter what shade you choose, it always looks great. The dark roots add just the right amount of edge.

3. Slimy Yellow-Greenkesha green hair

We have seen a lot of different hair colors, but this slimy yellow-green isn’t something that you see on the head of every other girl on the street. It looks like it could be radioactive, and that is a good thing.

4. Rainbow HairKesha Rainbow Hair

Here is Kesha’s My Little Pony Hair at its peak. Each of these colors would be amazing individually, but when you combine them, it makes for an amazing look. #hairgoals

5. Yellow HairKesha Yellow hair

If you’re a blonde, you never want someone to mistake your hair for yellow, but Kesha’s bright yellow locks are a shade you will actually try to copy. Yellow hair hasn’t gained massive popularity like pink or blue, but Kesha’s dye job makes a strong case for it.

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6. Baby Greenkesha's green hair and bra

Here’s another fresh hair color. Call it whatever you want. Baby green, soft pistachio, whispering green, whatever. Either way, it is still a very pretty subtle look. If you have blonde hair and aren’t looking for a drastic change, this is a brilliant idea.

7. Half-and-Half Blue and PinkKesha Two-Tone Hair

Split or half-and-half hair is perfect for people who cannot decide between two hair colors. Kesha went for the classic pink and blue look. Also note the way she flawlessly coordinated her eye makeup with her hair.

8. Wet Rainbow kesha with wet rainbow hair

Kesha’s hair is obviously wet from a fun day at the beach, but this look will make you want to permanently have wet-look rainbow hair. There’s something about the colors that looks so pretty when they all blend together.

9. Yellow-Green Bun and Visible RootsKesha Green Bun

Lots of people rock crazy-colored hair with visible roots. It’s a more low-maintenance style and allows you to stretch your time between colorist appointments. Kesha’s dark roots with bright yellow-green bun is a fun look.

10. Pastel RainbowKesha Unicorn Hair

Traditional rainbow hair always looks good, but pastel rainbow hair is such a stunning look. The way the colors merge together on Kesha’s dye job is fantastic. And can we talk about the shine?

11. BlueKesha Blue Hair

If you think that the denim hair trend is a new invention, this look proves that Kesha did it first. This grayish-blue is a pretty look and works very well with bright pink lipstick.

(Photos: Instagram/iiswhoiis)