Kesha blonde hair

I was initially reluctant to accept Ke$ha and her weird, teeth-bra-wearing ways, but over the past year, I have been sincerely converted. These days, I still listen to “Die Young” on my way to work on the subway and tend to roll my eyes when people say they hate her for being “slutty” or “weird.” She is slutty and weird! Those are two of the things that make her awesome! And now, her beautiful new rainbow locks are positively inspirational — to me, at least, and my brightly dyed mane addicted ways.

Check out some of her lovely Instagram photos:

Kesha rainbow hair 4

“stolen cakes and cleavage”

Kesha rainbow hair 3

“feeling the rainbow”

Kesha rainbow hair Kesha rainbow hair 2

Basically, it is totally gorgeous. And it works for her! To be fair, I feel like cool hair colors can work on just about anybody, but it especially looks excellent on people who are willing to play with their own clothing styles, try out new makeup looks and just generally get experimental with their appearances. Ke$ha most certainly falls into that category.

As any of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter may know, I used to have blue hair — for the majority seven years, in fact! — and I am therefore extremely biased toward brightly colored hair. Whether the shades are pastel, neon, multi-hued or contrasted, I think most unnaturally dyed hair is really lovely. Now, I am missing my pretty bright blue/indigo hair once more. [Insert a dozen sad emojis, a blue heart and a thumbs down sign.]

Photo via Ke$ha’s Instagram.