If you thought Lush‘s Fidget Spinner Bath Bomb won for the most creative bath bomb, hold on for a second. KFC is back with another crazy beauty product, and this time they’ve delivered a bath bomb that smells like their famous fried chicken.

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First of all, this is not some belated Halloween trick. This is real. The “Chicken Smell Bathing Powder” is a partnership between KFC and Village Vanguard and follows some out-there beauty products from the chicken brand including nail polish and a chicken-scented sunscreen.

The KFC Chicken Smelling Powder was revealed on the KFC Japan’s Twitter account. The clever bath bomb looks like a meaty drumstick and emits the scent of fried chicken when it’s dropped in the tub. Because, why have a bath that smells like fruit or flowers when you can have one that smells like fried chicken?

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If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on one of these finger lickin’ good bath bombs, be aware that there are only 100 of them up for grabs. If you want one, you have to live in Japan and enter KFC’s competition. Contestants have from November 1 to November 15 to enter for their chance to snag one of the bath bombs.

You can cross your fingers that the unique bath bomb might become available worldwide, or you can recreate the effect it must have by filling up your tub with bubbles and putting a fresh piece of of fried chicken next to it. We won’t judge.