Khloe Kardashian unpretty Monday

As you may remember from my serious annoyance with Demi Lovato‘s fake “no makeup” selfie, I do not like the obsession surrounding “#nomakeup” photos — especially when they involve makeup, because that just reinforces the idea of conventional ~*natural beauty*~ which, honestly, does just as much to female societal standards as insisting women should wear lots of makeup (seriously, who cares as long as it’s the wearer’s choice?). So, Khloe Kardashian‘s photo posted to Twitter yesterday bugs me.

The picture was posted yesterday for “Unpretty Monday,” something I hadn’t heard of until this morning. Apparently, TLC has decided to start a “campaign” which, according to Hollywood Gossip, “asks fans to share these sort of photos to honor their true beauty.”

Khloe Kardashian unpretty Monday

“I love what @OfficialTLC is doing! Beauty comes from within! Share your #UnprettyMonday pics – here’s mine!”

Yeah, so, Kardashian is absolutely, 100% wearing makeup. Granted, I wear tons of makeup and I do not care about the cosmetics themselves, but the intent of this pseudo-empowering project is evidently to showcase people — women, primarily — not wearing makeup and looking “unpretty,” whatever the hell that means. There’s no shame in taking silly selfies and putting them online, oftentimes for vain reasons, but this just feels like sad, PR-driven drive for attention (oh hey, and it’s working).

Guys, shut up about the “real beauty” and the “true beauty” and the “inner beauty” thing. If you’re emphasizing a person’s looks, chances are you’re not referring to anything of true importance to their personality, work ethic, livelihood, integrity, ambition, compassion — you know, things that actually showcase true beauty. If beauty really “comes from within,” then it has nothing to do with your face. And considering TLC is the channel that aired Toddlers & Tiaras, I have a hard completely impossible time believing this to be anything but a stupid stunt thought up by either a misguided intern or a manchild.

Photo: Khloe Kardashian’s Twitter