A couple months ago, my daughter started to get opinions on what she wanted to wear. At first, she’d tell me that the outfit I had laid out for her didn’t match. She thought that her tops, pants, socks and shoes should all be the same color. Then, she got annoyed that I never bought her clothes with characters on them. For my own selfish, aesthetic reasons, I’ve always avoided children’s clothing with characters or words. A cute owl, that was ok. Dora and Diego, not so much. She started begging for Ariel shoes and Rapunzel tee’s.

I’m not saying that I’ve caved. Her only character-clothing are pajamas and I’ve yet to let her wear neon pink head-to-toe. But my firm stance hasn’t helped me much. Lately, her fashion opinions have even begun to involve me. My daughter has decided that she and I should always match. Every morning, if she has to wear red, I have to wear red. If Brenna’s shoes are navy, mom’s shoes must be navy. If she’s wearing polka-dots (or Pongo-spots, as she would say), I’m pulling out a polka-dot cardigan. It has resulted in some Crayola-inspired wardrobe options that I might not have worn to work, but no permanent damage seems to be done to my reputation. I keep praying that I just look ready for spring.

Matching wardrobe, I’ve been able to handle without looking too ridiculous. Brenna doesn’t care if we’re identical, it’s more of a color issue. Unfortunately, her matching obsession hasn’t ended with clothes. My three year-old is determined that our hair should match, everyday. Both of us have fairly long, blonde hair and she’s convinced that it should be styled alike. Bright colors, I’ve been able to handle. Pre-school-inspired hairdo, has been a little more difficult. Most days, I just plain say, “No”. My daughter has heard this word plenty of times before and she realizes that she can’t always get her way. But on the weekends, when we’re having fun and I don’t want to start our day with negatives, I’ve been trying to comply with our new matching mandate.

So here are a few ways that I’ve adapted my daughter’s hairstyles to fit an adult, without looking like I belong in “Big Kid” fetish film.[ITPGallery]