My skin was looking pretty (and feeling) pretty good, despite the cold weather. However, when the temperatures began to slip below freezing, I realized that my usual moisturizer wasn’t enough. I needed something that provided moisture but wouldn’t feel like I was wearing a thick body lotion on my face. So, I decided to try the Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream ($60) to see if it could restore my complexion.

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The recently launched cream is formulated with red ginseng and manuka honey. The ingredients promise to boost radiance, strengthen and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


The Kiehl’s website states that 88% of people said their skin felt comforted immediately, while 86% said that their skin felt nourished a week after using the product. That combined with the natural star ingredients made me intrigued enough to try it.

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The Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream is stored in a yellow pot so you can dip your finger or a scoop to get what you need. As I have found with most Kiehl’s products, the cream was filled right to the very top.

While I was expecting a denser cream given the jar packaging, I was surprised how light it is. When you stick your finger in it, it’s doesn’t spread like some very creamy formulas, but when you scoop it up, it’s extremely lightweight. That being said, I find that I only need to dip my finger in the pot to get enough product to cover my face.

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When I applied the Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream, I was pleased to see that it absorbed quickly without leaving a noticeable residue. My face did feel moisturized and it did look glowing, like they promised.

I have been using the cream everyday for about a month and it has not irritated my face. The one big thing it has done is revitalize it. Any dry, tight-feeling spots are gone and I’m left with dewy, hydrated skin.

This yellow pot has definitely earned a spot in my winter skincare regimen.

(Photos: Heather Cichowski/The Gloss)