cabs are here pauly d gif(GIF via WorldAccordingToMaggie)

Many of you may believe the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is a ruthless, cold-hearted man with cruel policies, reprehensible practices towards his people, and (presumably) bad breath, but guys…guys. He has just given us all a gift that none of us will ever be able to repay. The already-eccentric fellow debuted a makeover involving hair changes that no Photoshop job could have predicted. Behold:

The blown out and up hair. The shaved sides. The waxed eyebrows. Guys, North Korean is officially now run by a Pauly D lookalike.

Pauly D haircut eyebrows(Photo: John Parra/WireImage)

There are only a few questions left now. First of all, who did the haircut? When will North Korean Shore debut? Will Snooki and JWoww be there? Because everyone knows they were the best part of the show besides maybe Vinny and Pauly’s bromance. Everyone knows that.

Anyway, in case you forgot what Kim Jong-Un looked like before he got his makeover for spring break, here’s a side-by-side comparison from Twitter:

Man, and he wasn’t even on our list of the celebrities who most needed a makeover in 2015. Probably because he is not so much a “celebrity” as a “dictator,” but as they say, to-mato/to-mass murderer. (But in all seriousness, Kim Jong-Un is a horrible human being and I feel no shame in publicly ridiculing his horrendous haircut. Neither should you. Ridicule at will.)