kim would you stop taking pictures of yourself your sister's going to jail

Whether it’s strutting around Paris wearing denim-on-denim or discovering racism for the first time only after giving birth to Kanye West‘s child, Kim Kardashian never runs out of ways to captivate me. For one thing, you can’t deny that it takes some kind of special skill to make headlines every time you snap a selfie. Oher celebrities can upload topless photos and semen-drenched “art” to their hearts’ content, but Kim will always be the reigning queen of Instagram, whether you like it or not. So what’s the Instaqueen up to today? Her latest post has all the necessary elements to get the internet excited: underboob, cleavage, a makeupless face, a humblebragging caption, and potentially photoshopped abs. It’s like Christmas, you guys!

kim kardashian abs selfie

Surely silencing anyone who made mean comments about her post-baby body, Kim’s new photo shows off her hot little four-pack in the bathroom mirror. The post, captioned “Just finished my morning workout,” is getting tons of attention (as you’d expect), with some commenters insisting that she got liposuction or surgery, others pointing to her history of altering photos of her body, others defending her to the death, and spam bots trying to sell human hair. A grab bag of reactions. As for me? I’m not writing off the possibility that her abs might not be totally real– at the risk of analyzing someone else’s body, it does seem kind of unlikely that her body type would have those kinds of visible muscles– but I’m also not saying she’s faking it. Maybe the lighting is really good. Maybe she’s working really hard at the gym. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

There’s no word yet on why she chose to crop the picture vertically and post three of them in columns, either, but there isn’t a reasonable explanation for a lot of the things that make Kim interesting, so I’m not going to worry about it too hard. Just keep doing you, Kim, and we’ll keep watching.

Photos: Keeping Up with the Kardashians, @kimkardashian