If Kim Kardashian were actually good at anything, we figured it would be makeup. She certainly wears enough of it. But a full face o’slap does not make one a makeup artist or a chemist, and Kim Kardashian just admitted in court that she doesn’t actually know anything about makeup.

It’s an odd admission for a woman who sells Kardashian-branded cosmetics to make, but Kim has a good reason for coming out and publicly admitting that she’s just the public face of her cosmetics brand and not actually involved in its production or distribution. According to Radar Online, the Kardashians are being sued along with Boldface, the company that manufactures their makeup line, Khroma. The Khroma name is too similar to Kroma, a makeup line owned by makeup artist Lee Tillett, who is now suing both Boldface and the Kardashians for stealing her company’s name. She even received a federal injunction to stop Khroma from being distributed, and Boldface has since changed the name of the line to Kardashian Beauty, which would have made more sense than a dumb name like Khroma in the first place.

The Kardashians are trying to get themselves dropped as defendants in the case, which would go on just being between Tillett and Boldface, so Kim went on the stand and basically said she and her sisters just put their names on the products and don’t really know anything about the makeup production process.

“They bring us designs of what they think, you know, packaging should look like or stuff like that and then we can go through and give them our opinion of what we like best,” she said. “We… like to get product and test it out and see what we think looks best or works best on us and help, picking the color, but only from a selection of what they give to us, because the experts in beauty – Like, obviously, I’m just one foundation color, so I know what would look best on me, but I’m not really good at saying what I think would look good for a darker or a lighter skin.

“They being the experts, they just bring to like the wide range of what, typically, beauty products would be and then we can test to see what they think, like the consistencies are the best of whatever we think.”

Considering the Kardashian association is the entire reason a person would want to buy Kardashian-branded cosmetics, knowing that the Kardashians don’t actually do more than approve packaging and play around with some samples has got to come as hard news to their fans. For us, the search for Kim Kardashian’s talents continues …

(Photo: WENN)