Kim Kardashian has a sex tape and has been in Playboy, but apparently someone needs to teach her a couple of things about what happens when you let people take pictures of you naked. On an episode of her new show, Kourtney and Kim Take New York (note: I was rooting for a different spinoff, Kim and All Her K-Named Relatives Take a Break and Go Away), Kim cried about how she did a nude photoshoot for W magazine, who ended up using one of the nude photos for the cover. Since Kim’s “momager” Kris doesn’t seem to have gone over this with her, I’m going to step in.

Kim, you were naked. You let people take pictures of you while you were naked. You probably signed some paperwork saying you were okay with those naked pictures being taken. At this point in your “career,” you probably have enough clout to say things like “You are not allowed to use these naked photos without my permission or I will sue your face off” and get away with it. But you didn’t do that. So to act surprised – and even offended – that a magazine chose to use one of the naked photos you willingly posed for to sell issues of their magazine is stupid at best and disingenuous at worst. Here’s a hint: the next time you don’t want people publishing naked pictures of you, leave some damn clothes on.