Kim Kardashian just stepped out to go shopping with baby sister Kendall Jenner, and she appears to be short about four feet of her trademark glossy brown hair.

The new look is spectacular on her. Not only is it several inches shorter in the front and back, it has a cool, shaggy new texture that looks really good on Kardashian. It has that cool, casual vibe that we associate with fashionable It Girls and French people. It seems effortless, even though we’re sure it took about six gallons of texturizing product and an on-call personal hairstylist. But we don’t care how much effort it actually takes to get this look, we just like that it *looks* carefree and perfect for spring.

For the first time ever, Kim Kardashian is actually sporting a look we could see ourselves tearing out of a magazine and taking to our stylist. A snobby, irrational voice in the back of our brain might recoil at the idea of bringing a picture of Kim Kardashian to the salon, but the better, rational parts of ourselves are telling us to get over it because we’d look chic as hell with this hair, as does Kardashian.

The look is a big departure for Kim, who just a few days ago appeared at an opening party for her Dash boutique in Miami wearing a horrible chain mail crop top and her typical long, wavy hair.


Compared to the new hair, this old look seems heavy, and not just because her dress is made of metal. The new look is much better in every way.

(Photos: WENN, Getty)