If the recent beauty collections are anything to go by, cherry and cherry blossoms might be replacing unicorns and mermaids as the hottest beauty inspiration. After Urban Decay confirmed its Naked Cherry collection, Kim Kardashian‘s KKW Beauty has announced that it’s launching a Cherry Blossom makeup collection.

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The brand revealed the new collection on Instagram (along with teaser images of Kim decked out with strategically placed cherry blossoms.) If you liked the brand’s Classic Collection Bundle, you will probably like this forthcoming collection because it features equally wearable neutral shadows but with a touch more pink, hence the cherry blossom theme.

The collection is noteworthy because it also marks the first time that the brand is releasing blush. In addition to a 10-pan eyeshadow palette, eight pink and berry lipsticks and three lip liners, the brand is debuting Cherry Blossom Blush ($18). The cheek product is available in three shades: Grace (terracotta peach) Destiny (pink rose with light gold pearl) and Karma (plum red with gold pearl) and KKW Beauty promises each shade will give skin a soft, realistic-flush.

In terms of the other products, there’s the Pink Creme Lip Liners ($12), available in three shades of pink, like the name states. They’re named 1, 2 and 3 with 1 being the lightest and 3 being the darkest. They go perfectly with the Pink Creme Lipsticks ($18). They offer full coverage and a comfortable creamy formula. The shades are once again named by numbers which correspond to their lightness. They go from Pink 1 (soft peach pink) to Pink 8 (hot pink).

Then we get to the eyeshadow palette. There is plenty of room for experimentation thanks to the range of light and dark neutral eyeshadows. KKW Beauty reports they can be used wet or dry and applied with fingers or a brush. There are still lots of pink-toned shades, but they have different names: Chi (matte light pink), Japan (matte pale baby pink), Baby (matte light saddle brown), Sakura (matte soft pinky beige) Samurai (metallic vibrant rose gold), West (metallic icy rose gold), Cherry (metallic cranberry), Season (matte deep purple with purple shimmer), Blossom (metallic red brown) and Hanami (matte burgundy).

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Do you want everything? There’s the splurge-worthy Cherry Blossom Bundle ($260). It has a value of $279 but you can snag it for a few dollars less.

The KKW Beauty Cherry Blossom collection will launch on September 14 at 12 PM PST on KKWBeauty.com. Go set up your reminder now so you don’t forget.

The KKW Beauty Cherry Blossom collection will launch on September 14 at 12 PM PST.