We’ve all heard the stats about Kim Kardashian‘s KKW Beauty Fragrance flying off the shelves. You’re probably wondering whether there is one bottle of fragrance let to by, but we want to direct your attention to two new KKW Beauty products because we have a teaser of them courtesy of Huda Kattan.

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The beauty blogger recently posted a photo of KKW Beauty Lip Glosses and Loose Pigments. In the post, she thanked Kim and KKW for sending her the set so she could test the products out. The picture reveals five metallic lip glosses with five corresponding loose pigments. They’re all housed in a chic rose gold box.

The products themselves come in clear tubes with rose gold tops and “KKW Beauty” written down the bottles. From the image, the shades look like silver/ivory shade, gold, rose gold, bronze and copper.

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Huda revealed that she has been busy creating beauty looks using the products and she has been “dying over the loose pigments.” It seems that the lip glosses can be worn individually or with the pigment applied over top to create even more sparkle. However, we’re sure that other people will want to use the loose pigments as highlighters because they look prismatic.

The only things Huda didn’t mention is the price of the set or the launch date. We’ll be keeping our eyes on Kim’s social accounts for any updates. Who knows, she might want to treat us on Giving Tuesday.