Did Kim Kardashian wax baby North West's eyebrows? (We don't think so.)

Photo: Instagram

How cute was that picture of baby North West earlier? Completely adorable, right? Well, the Internet decided to take something adorable and make it into something negative because of course it did. That’s what the Internet always does, guys. (I am guilty of this, on occasion, but typically not when it comes to scrutinizing a baby’s brow arch. We’ve all got some lines.)

Apparently, because North–whom I’ll remind you is a 6-month-old baby–has brows in the aforementioned picture that appearing slightly differently than other photos, people are all, “Kim Kardashian is waxing that baby’s eyebrows OMG OMG OMG.”







[Here is the part of my piece where I would insert a “before” photo for you all to compare the top image with, but that would be ridiculous because she’s a baby and WTF.]

While I realize Kim Kardashian isn’t exactly the world’s most relatable celebrity, and certainly not the most relatable mom, I do not think we can judge her parenting abilities without knowing a hell of a lot of details. As I’ve said before, she may be a pretty excellent parent who just happens to come in a privileged, bratty box with the world’s most obnoxious family who has been riding on North West’s fame since the kid was a fetus. But that doesn’t inherently mean Kim herself is a terrible parent; it just means she has a few ridiculous extended family members just like everybody else in the world.

Plus, when it comes to the “waxing your baby’s brows,” Teen Mom/new “sex tape” star Farrah Abraham has got that beat covered.