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No makeup selfies and ultra-made up selfies of the Kardashians are probably more common these days than Starbucks. But then, every once in a while, we see a rather surreal one of what reality TV’s royal family looks like in the process of putting their makeup on…and it’s really, really weird. Late Monday night, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself with half her contouring makeup blended in that serves as a reminder that shading and highlighting is so strange-looking. Voila:

Kim Kardashian contouring and highlighting nose

She posted the image along with this caption:

Kontour!!!! Not finished with my make up yet but wanted to share a pic of some contouring make up tricks!

As much as I love contouring makeup, I’m pretty sure this makes Kim look like Voldemort. To be fair, contouring is basically like magic for the appearance of your bone structure and facial features.

voldemort gif

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And to be doubly fair, Kim has already looked like Draco Malfoy on more than one occasion, so going full Voldemort would not be a huge stretch.

Kim posted a similar image last year that showed how she gets her sharp jawline and defined cheekbones — neither of which surprised me, to be honest. For some reason, the way she contours her nose surprises me, though I think that’s because I have never found nose contouring to look particularly believable. Your nose is just right there in the center of your face, so whenever I see somebody who’s contoured their nose, I just plain can’t stop looking at it.

Do you contour your nose like Kim? Tell us (or better yet, show us) in the comments!