Phew! We can all let out that breath we’ve been holding for the past 11 months, because it looks like Kim Kardashian is finally and officially the owner of a “post-baby body.” And it’s not just any post-baby body, it’s a post-baby swimsuit body. That has to be worth four In Touch covers at once, right?

Kim Tweeted this #Nofilter Instagram of her brand-new Kim Kardashian post-baby bathing suit body a few hours ago, and it seems the only appropriate response is “wow.”

She’s still extremely blonde, a bit too blonde in that lighting for our taste, and that poor white bathing suit appears to be ill equipped for the job of dressing a Kardashian, because Kim is basically spilling out of it in every direction, but she looks amazing.

I’ve never been a particular Kardashian fan, but credit where credit is due: The lady has an impressive figure. Of course, she’s always had an impressive physique, and having an impressive figure is one of the key facets of Kardashian’s particular type of fame. She’s a physique mogul. The “post-baby” part just makes it more timely and guarantees her a flurry of new tabloid covers.

The tabloids and nameless Internet masturbators are not the only people appreciating Kardashian’s glamorous figure. Kanye West noticed her tweet not long after she sent it and added one of his own:


Some how we suspect he isn’t rushing home because he forgot to set the DVR.

Via Instagram/KimKardashian