This Is What Kim Kardashian Would Look Like With Purple Hair And A Septum PiercingIt would appear that Kim Kardashian has decided her contouring icon is Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, if this new photos of herself on her Instagram is any indication. On Sunday, Kim posted a photo looking all sorts of vampy, having been photoshopped to have deep purple hair, ultra-contoured cheekbones, and a septum piercing. And she looks pretty great!

While this would all be snazzy if it were real, alas, it is not. Ms. Kardashian’s picture was pretty obviously Photoshopped, though I think somebody needs to fill in the Daily Mail on that, as they referred to it as a “Gothic-inspired new image.”

Rocking black lipstick and dramatic smokey eyes as she smouldered into the camera, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians beauty dyed her usually flowing raven locks a dark shade of plum.

It’s kind of fascinating how people lost their effing minds when they thought she had Photoshopped her own #SkinnyDays picture, but now they just totally ignore a pretty blatant fake dye job.

Side note: I think Kim would actually look pretty lovely with a septum piercing! It has long been one of my favorites for women’s faces and it always makes symmetrical faces look even more symmetrical. Plus, it barely hurts! (I’ve had mine done twice and I am a total wimp.) So friends, if you look like Kim Kardashian (or don’t, either way) then I strongly recommend it for you.