Kim Kardashian selfie

If Kim Kardashian were teaching a master class on self-promotion, we would attend. And surely as part of that class she would include a segment on how to take the perfect selfie, because she has mastered that particular art form.

Well Extra managed to get the reclusive genius into their studio with fellow reality star Brittny Gastineau to discuss the best way to take the perfect selfie.

Most of her tips are pretty self-explanatory:

Rule 1: Always hold the camera a little higher.

Rule 2: “Know your angle.” See? Geometry really does come in handy. That function where your phone can show you the picture while you’re taking it was the best idea anybody has ever come up with.

Rule 3: Know the lighting. Lighting makes or breaks a picture, and a selfie is technically a picture. Hell, just experiment with all the light in your house until you find the way you look best.

Kardashian begrudgingly admits that everyone should avoid the duck face pout.

“I love doing that, because it gives you cheekbones,” she said. “But people get so mad.”

Maybe she should try sparrow face instead? Actually, it looks like she’s already moved on to that one.

During the interview Kardashian also comments that she looks “disgusting” without makeup. We don’t entirely believe that she is 100 percent without makeup in the video, because does anybody really believe Kim Kardashian would go on Extra without any makeup on? We’re skeptical, but if she is then we are impressed because she looks pretty darn put-together. But we have always thought she actually looks exceptionally beautiful without makeup.

Check out the full video on Extra. Watching it counts as course credit at Harvard University.

Via Extra/Photo: WENN