With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s wedding fast approaching (it’s this weekend, guys! Clear your schedules!), they’ve been jaunting around Paris in a flurry of pre-wedding activities, including Kim bachelorette party. Today, Kimye and the family headed over to Valentino‘s castle outside of Paris for a pre-wedding brunch. Wow, that Valentino sure is a nice guy.

While the whole family dressed pretty sensationally (Kim even managed to make a butterfly explosion seem pretty chic), I was a bit struck by Kim’s hair situation. At first, I thought she had cut off all of her hair into a short and unflattering bob, which she has slicked back. That seemed pretty drastic, given that it’s typically unwise to make any giant changes the day before some major event.


Then she turned to the side and revealed a braid, so let’s all keep calm. Her hair is still there.


So, this isn’t great. I really love when Kim does that slick middle part/low pony tail she’s been rocking as of late–it’s a nice change from her usual impossibly shiny blow outs. But this really isn’t working. It’s too severe for a braid, which is really at its best when it’s loose, organic, and a bit messy. We’ve seen two notable examples at Cannes alone–Blake Lively and Eva Longoria showed up in fantastically imperfect braids.

This style could have been saved if Kim had just picked one look; she should have committed to the slick thing or a slightly messier braid. Even if it hadn’t sat just dead center at the back of her head (I’m having very upsetting rat tail visions), the braid would have had a lot more going for it. And the few little pieces that are sort of swept back, sort of falling forward add further confusion to the look.

Here’s to hoping things get a little less mysterious for her wedding this weekend, but I’m not worried. I am just as surprised as you are to say that Kim Kardashian has been killing it lately, and so my hopes are petty high.

Photos: PacificCoastNews