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In an effort to combat the unsightly weight gain that all too many pregnant ladies fall victim to after “letting themselves go,” Kim Kardashian is working out like crazy to avoid the sad fate of Jessica Simpson, Fat Pregnant Person. At least, according to certain tabloid stories. Certain tabloid stories I believe.

“Kim is eating for two,” a “source” tells HollywoodLife. “She is just craving so many sweets now, like pies and ice cream. She is working out a lot because she doesn’t want to turn into a pregnant blimp!” Do you hear that, people? Kim Kardashian will not be giving birth to any baby zeppelins, thanks much. No baby is worth looking fat in pictures, okay?!

I know we like to talk shit on Kim Kardashian here at The Gloss, but I’ve always liked the fact that she’s an icon of beauty who is not stick thin. And considering she’s someone who “needs” to keep an eye on her weight to avoid getting bigger than society likes its bombshells to be, you’d think she would jump at the chance to eat whatever she likes for a while.

That said, it’s true that it’s not healthy for women to gain too much weight during pregnancy, and it’s fine (even beneficial) for most women to do a moderate amount of exercise while pregnant, so maybe it sounds worse than it is. That said, it is Kim Kardashian, so you decide.

(Via HollywoodLife)

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