LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday September 24, 2013. Kim Kardashian shows off her post-baby body in a green jumpsuit as she grabs lunch with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick at Stanley's in Los Angeles.

Life is hard. You toil away for years, climbing professional ladders rung by agonizing rung, trying to make some semblance of a personal life. Maybe you date and have kids but the stress and the suffocating sadness that accompany age will just drive a wedge between you and your loves ones. At a certain point, it just makes more sense to give up. But then…

Then you see someone like Kim Kardashian and you know you have the inner strength to go on.

Kardashian, like Snooki and her primordial brethern, is a living, breathing, unthinking testament to the universal truth that happiness can only be achieved when you are .:thin:. In this way, she is very inspiring. She’s overcome the extreme adversity of child-rearing and there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel–soon, any month now, she’s going to be grinning blankly up at you from your local newsstand, heralding the proud return of her BIKINI BODY. How did we go so long with it?, you’ll wonder admiringly.

Months later, she will triumphantly display her restored self on the cover of Playboy or perhaps some other gentleman’s magazine that offered more money.

Of course, being famous for whatever reason and having veritable mountains of designer handbags are extremely important in life–but they’re not what really matters. What really matters is fitting into bandage dresses in heavily-Photoshopped Midori ads. Don’t let anyone tell you what to be.

Oh, anyway. Kim Kardashian was spotted grabbing lunch in LA this week with sister Kourtney Kardashian (with husband Scott Disick) and friend Blac Chyna. We hope that she truly enjoyed her salmon with steamed broccoli/grilled chicken salad.

We hope that one day we can be at that table with her.

(Photos via Pacific Coast News)

[Ed. Note: We should probably go scrape some quotes from anonymous sources and “pals” about how Kardashian is having a tough time losing the weight, how she’s set a goal of X lbs to lose in X weeks and how she’s working out with Tracy Anderson or Harley Pasternak but we didn’t feel like getting dumber so just imagine something along the lines of: “She’s really self-conscious about her figure post-baby North West,” says a source close to Kardashian. “She’s been doing dance aerobics with Tracy Anderson for nine hours a day, seven days a week and eating nothing but lean protein, raw kale and and virgins’ tears.”]