At least two ladies at TheGloss are anti-Kristen Stewart but we’ve developed a weird soft spot for the actress: we like her unedited, awkward comportment and, given the opportunity, would probably stumble through superstardom without brushing our hair and wearing slip-on Vans, too. Which is why we’re going to pass off the latest Kristen Stewart-related rumor as nonsense, if not weirdly vicious nonsense.

Wearing a form-fitting white shirt while on the Twilight beat at Comic Con this week, Stewart sparked rumors of a breast augmentation (The Stir has one of the more “damning” photos, though the outfit in question is pictured above). Some gossip sources are even trotting out plastic surgeons to speculate on Stewart’s new cup size: “Her breasts have gone from what looked like a large A cup to a large B cup.”

To say nothing of the fact that going up a cup size is pretty easy to do with a push-up bra (isn’t it?), doesn’t this also seem just a little uncharacteristic of Stewart? Can’t we give her some credit? Not to suggest that we believe everyone with messy hair and social anxiety is some sort of champion of authenticity who would never get plastic surgery (that would be crazy), but everything Stewart does seems to indicate–if not an outright rejection of them–at least a discomfort with the trappings of fame. Like plastic surgery. And smiling in pictures. And being charming on talk shows. And combing one’s hair.

We expect paparazzi to photograph Kristen in a hoodie any day now, looking like she always does. This rumor should die by then.

(Photo via Wenn)