Kit Harington

If you are missing your weekly Jon Snow fix, the Testament Of Youth trailer has been released today and everyone’s favorite man of the Night’s Watch (besides Samwell Tarly) Kit Harington, is in it, and he has short hair–and he has ditched the pirate facial hair.

Kit Harington Testament Of Youth Short Hair

What I want to know is, what happened to the Game Of Thrones hair contract? That thing was supposed to be more complicated than trying to unite the Seven Kingdoms. If you remember, Kit revealed on Live With Kelly And Michael that he was prohibited from cutting his shaggy mane:

“It has its own contract, definitely. I never thought I’d say that about my own hair … I’m not allowed to cut it, and I didn’t realize this until recently. I wanted to cut it — I’ve had long hair for ages — and and they were like, ‘No, no, no. That won’t be happening.”

Kit Harington Testament Of Youth Short Hair 1Yet somehow Kit managed to chop his hair to play the part of Roland Leighton in the adaption of Testament Of Youth. I figured he must have filmed the movie before he was even cast as Jon Snow and they’re only releasing it now because he’s super famous and has his own Jimmy Choo ads, but that is not true. In February 2014, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Kit had been cast in the movie, so it looks like he must have shot the film between seasons of GoT. I still wonder if he got the Game Of Thrones’ producers approval or whether he is downing hair growth pills and religiously applying miracle growth serums to his short hair every night before filming starts again.

Kit Harington Testament Of Youth Short Hair 2

But enough about the hair contract mystery. The most important thing is do you prefer clean shaven, prim-and-proper Ronald or long-and-a-bit-wild Jon? Personally, I have yet to make up my mind. The shorter hair reminds me a bit of Leonardo DiCaprio circa Titanic (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), and it has a very impressive widow’s peak. I need to wait until I see his hair blowing in the breeze before I make my final verdict.


(Photos: Testament Of Youth (2014), WENN)