Crystals are a massive beauty trend at the moment, but Miranda Kerr‘s KORA Organics has included crystals in its range since the beginning. And we’re able to have even more of them now thanks to the launch of two new Crystal Luminizer ($28) colors: Clear Quartz and Amethyst. FYI: The products contain actual crushed crystals.

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The first Crystal Luminizer to launch was trendy Rose Quartz. The creamy highlighter really does contain finely crushed rose quartz for an iridescent soft pink highlight that’s flattering to all skin tones. What’s more, the highlighter is infused with the brand’s signature noni fruit extract plus coconut oil and rosehip oil for hydration. It also is energized with vibrations of love and happiness that are passed to the wearer when they dab the highlighter on.

The Clear Quartz and Amethyst Crystal Luminizers have the same formulas. Both are made with finely crushed versions of their respective crystals for a lit look. Clear Quartz still has enough drama. It creates a soft easy-to-wear glow with a silver tint that glowing but not frosty. Furthermore, the Clear Quartz Crystal Luminizer has been infused with vibrations of calmness, harmony and clarity, so remember that when choosing your highlighter.

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As many have probably guessed, the Amethyst Luminizer leaves skin with a flattering lavender glow. If you haven’t tried colored highlighters this is a very wearable option. It’s infused with vibrations of balance, positivity and motivation.

No matter what Crystal Luminizers (and vibrations) appeal to you, you can shop them all right now on