South Korea might be the country with the most extreme plastic surgery practices in the world. As chronicled by Vice’s “Fashion Week Internationale” series (among others), procedures to make people appear closer to cultural beauty norms are so commonplace that almost everyone knows someone who’s had their nose or eyelids done. According to some South Korean publications’ surveys, one in five women in Seoul has had some sort of cosmetic procedure. That’s a lot!

Quite troublingly, a lot of common procedures, like the one that makes people’s eyelids more prominent and foldy, are geared towards attaining a Western ideal of beauty. Yet others are geared not towards making people look like boring Caucasians, but like giant eyed, alien, anime characters. The Tumblr Korean Plastic Surgery posts a bunch of “before and after” photos culled from various internet sources; here is a sampling.

Photos: Korean Plastic Surgery