After a month or two of anticipation, Kristen Stewart‘s first ad for Balenciaga has dropped. Kristen is the face of Florabotanica, a youth-oriented fragrance and the second from the fashion house under the supervision of creative director Nicolas Ghesquière. The inspiration for the Steven Meisel-shot campaign was a garden of “nice” and “nasty” flowers, as in Ghesquière’s stunning, structured Spring 2008 collection (with the Jennifer Connelly-starring campaign).

WWD describes the scent as “a vetiver, amber and caladium-leaf accord, and a (hybrid) rose, carnation and mint accord.” It’s due out in September.

Kristen Stewart chatted with them about shooting the campaign, saying:

“I think that’s kind of perfect for this particular ad. Usually, a fragrance ad would definitely be like,” said Stewart, striking an exaggerated, sexy lounge pose on the couch. “When I first stood there, I was like, ‘OK, do you want me to show the curves of the dress? Do you want me to stand like this? Like that?’ And they were like, ‘Just be comfortable.’ ”
Which strikes as peculiar because she looks quite uncomfortable, despite her fairly convincing impression of a high fashion model (one that resembles Codie Young). Still, the ad is a little too busy for our tastes and Kristen a little too stiff and blank. Thoughts?
(Photo via Design Scene)