There are few things that excite the beauty world like a Kylie Cosmetics announcement. Just see the number of people who show up at Kylie Jenner‘s pop-ups for proof of that. We’re used to Kylie dropping gorgeous new Lip Kit shades by now, although the excitement has hardly waned. However, we weren’t prepared for Kylie’s latest announcement that she is expanding her beauty offering with Kylighters.

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As per usual, Kylie took to Instagram to make the big announcement about the upcoming launch. Kylie revealed that she isn’t just dropping one or two or three highlighters, but six of them. What’s more is that the highlighters are going to available in a range of shades that will suit different skin tones. Kylie also describes them as having a “silky formula” which sounds perfect for blending.

While the actual highlighter, er, Kylighter shades are the main draw, we cannot overlook how gorgeous the packaging is. The Kylighters are housed in gold square packages. The actual solid powders are embossed with Kylie’s signature drip logo.

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If you want to expand your Kylie Cosmetics collection, get ready because the highlighters launch on February 28 at 3 PM PST. Here’s hoping that everyone will be able to get at least one shade before they sell out.

The Kylie Cosmetics Highlighters will launch on the Kylie Cosmetics website on February 28 at 3 PM PST.