After a long year of making adult women jealous of her rich girl style, Kylie Jenner celebrated her seventeenth birthday yesterday with a bold new haircut. Her asymmetrical Sass & Bide skirt landed her on our Best Dressed list for last night’s Teen Choice Awards, but we didn’t even notice what was going on with the back of her head! In an interview with E!, she, Kendall Jenner, and Kim Kardashian revealed Kylie’s hidden new look.

“I shaved the back of my head for my birthday,” she said nonchalantly, reminding me that she’s cooler about her hair at seventeen than I am at twenty-three. “I was just doing my hair and I was like, ‘Why not shave the back of my head?'” Kylie lifted up her tousled bob to reveal a missing layer of hair near the nape of her neck. It looks kind of… incredibly badass.

kylie jenner's shaved head

Kim jumped into the conversation (of course) to share that she did a similar cut on her own hair when she was 12. “I told her, everyone shaves the side of their head,” she said, “And what she has to do is shave the underneath and then put her hair up in a ponytail or a bun.” As strange as it is to type this sentence, preteen Kim Kardashian sounds pretty trendy. Say what you will about their reality TV dynasty, but this family knows what they’re doing when it comes to hair.

“Kylie is like the epitome of what cool is,” Kim added at the end of the interview. And after seeing the harsh line she shaved along her own scalp, I have to agree. It’s only a matter of time before this look replaces unnatural dye jobs as the hottest hair trend.

Via E! / Photos: Getty Images, E!