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(Instagram/Kylie Cosmetics)

Here’s the thing about Kylie Jenner: I’m a fan and all, but I’m concerned that she might actually be trying to kill me. Why else would she have teased three new Lip Kit shades via Snapchat using the always-rude black-and-white filter? I’d say I’m about one new Lip Kit shade away from immediate hospitalization. Seriously, Kylie, give your girl a second to breathe!

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Yesterday, Kylie posted what I can only assume are three new Lip Kit shades to Snapchat:

She’s done this kind of thing before, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

You know what would be crazy, though? What if these weren’t actually Lip Kit shades? What if they were, like, colored mascaras or something? That’s a total shot in the dark, and it definitely looks like it says “matte liquid lipstick” on the tube, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

The announcement of these three new shades comes just days after Kylie announced her newest shade: Kourt K, a gorgeous vibrant plum color:

The color seems pretty true to the tube, based on the small swatch Kylie posted to Snapchat:

As someone with a strange yet unabashed love for all purple lipstick, I couldn’t be more stoked on this shade if I tried.

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As for when Kylie’s three new Lip Kit shades will be released, we unfortunately don’t have any concrete answers. We know that there will be a restock soon, but considering that Kourt K won’t even be included in that, it’s more likely than not that we’ll have to wait at least another month or two before Kylie lets us in on her secrets. That’s probably for the best as it’ll give me some much-needed time to recuperate, but I’ll just keep my oxygen tank at the ready if it’s all the same to you.