la la lan

If you’ve seen La La Land, you don’t need us to tell you how brilliant it is. And if you haven’t seen it, you probably don’t need to us to tell you how brilliant it is, either. Emma Stone plus Ryan Gosling plus the countless nominations and wins pretty much explains it all. It’s one of those movies that has captivated everyone which means it should only be a matter of time before all of the La La Land merchandise comes out. One clever Reddit user is already thinking ahead by doing a mock-up version of her dream La La Land makeup collection.
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Popsugar reported that Redditor Spellsandstars recently posted a Photoshop rendering of what her ideal La La Land-inspired makeup collection would look like and it’s amazing. There’s a beautiful red lipstick housed in a gold case with star detailing and there’s a highlighter that would please anyone whether they have seen the movie or not.

And no movie-inspired collection would be complete with a blockbuster palette. Spellsandstars has been inspired by some of the dresses Emma Stone’s character wears in the film along with the famous piano. The adorable palette has black packaging and features a gold star print and a little piano key clasp. Inside you get nine brightly colored shadows that will make you think of all of the saturated colors from the film.

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Alas, there are no current plans for the collection to go into production. However, someone needs to get on it. We have multiple Beauty and the Beast collections, so it’s only fair that we have at least one La La Land collection. Make up companies, start working now and you’ll be happy you did after La La Land sweeps the Oscars.