Are you hands and feet dried out and damaged by the dry, cold winter weather? If cracked heels and dry knuckles trouble you in the winter time, Lipikar Podologics ($18.50) and Lipikar Xerand ($13.50) can nourish and hydrate your problem areas.

Hand Cream

Image: istockphoto

For a quick feet fix, Lipikar is proven to reduce the thickness of calluses on the foot in five days using its 5% LHA. For your hands, Lipikar absorbs quickly. This cream is never oily or greasy, and its water-resistant, making it last even through repeated hand washings. This product uses glycerin, thermal spring water, allantoin (as softening agent), and VP/Eicosene copolymer to banish dry, irritated hands.

You can find the La Roche-Posay Lipikar collection at, and a variety of other online retailers.