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We often look to classic horror film characters for inspiration for our creepy Halloween makeup looks, but it turns out that they can actually be fantastic inspiration for our regular beauty products. This is being proved by LA Splash Cosmetics‘ upcoming ‘Classic Horror’ Liquid Lipstick launch.

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The beauty brand has been inspired by some of pop culture’s most popular characters and turned them into lipstick shades. Obviously, the lipsticks are perfect for Halloween given their spook-tacular packaging, but something tells us that you’ll want to wear the vampy shades the rest of the year.

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The collection includes eight liquid lipsticks that range from bold, pigmented shades to moody hues to unique neutrals. LA Splash Cosmetics gave us a preview of the line on Instagram and the shades include “Creature” a royal purple inspired by Creature From the Black Lagoon, “Drac” a dark burgundy that’s short for Dracula, “Frankie” as bright red that’s short for Frankenstein and “Dr. Jeky,” a warm brown that nods to part of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Swatches part 1 of the #classichorror #limited #edition collection

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The other four shades include, “Ms. Invisible” a not-so-invisible gray-green that’s inspired by The Invisible Man, “Phantom” a rich purple, “Mummy” a muted greige and “Werewolf” a surprising bluish gray.

Swatches part 2 #classichorror #comingsoon

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While we know the shades, LA Splash Cosmetics didn’t reveal any further details about the collection. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see when the collection will drop and how much each of the liquid lipsticks will sell for. Given that Halloween is just over a month away, we shouldn’t have to wait too long. *Fingers crossed*