Wine lipstick1

Do you love wine? What about lipsticks? If you’re nodding your head eagerly, listen up, because Korean beauty brand Labiotte has the product of your dreams: wine lipsticks. Wine and lipstick may not have been the best of friends before (hello lipstick smudges on glasses) but they are now thanks to these lippies.

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Labiotte’s wine-inspired lipsticks come in adorable wine-shaped bottles. Of course all of the shades are also inspired by wine. The lipstick range includes shades like Cabernet Red, Pinot Red and Malbec Burgundy. That’s not all. They are formulated with actual wine ingredients. You might think it’s just in keeping with the theme, but wine is actually something that has appeared in a few different skincare products.

wine lipstick

If you’re looking to collect all of the wine lippies, you have your choice of matte lipsticks, lip tints and lip balms to choose from. FYI: You can also get a wine eyeshadow palette and wine mascara.

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We’re familiar with wine-colored lipsticks, but this is something else. If you want to pick them up, note that the Labiotte website has limited shipping, but there are a bunch of products available on Amazon.

Cheers to a new lipstick collection.

(Photos: Labiotte)