Were you aware that cocoa butter was – until RIGHT NOW – an incredibly gender specific product?

I wasn’t, because I actually discovered cocoa butter because of my high school boyfriend. I thought it was for all the people, not just ladies and metrosexuals and that one dude I dated in college. But there’s a special line of Cocoa Butter targeted at men, being endorsed by NFL players Devin and Jason McCourty – so you know it’s manly. I guess I’m excited about how using that kind of Cocoa Butter (Palmer’s) will really help me tackle people? The press release notes:

“It’s equipped with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E for superior hydration and has a fresh, masculine scent. The 8.5 oz. bottle retails for $4.50 and 13.5 oz. pump bottle retails for $5.99. It hits drugstores this month.”

A fresh masculine scent like… cocoa? I’m sorry, I’m sure it smells like sweat and cannibalism.

I guess my ultimate point is that it seems hilarious to me that men would be so intimidated by cocoa butter that they’d need their own “manly” line – the way they marketed special pink household tools to women in the 1950’s – but cocoa butter is pretty excellent and I’d probably drop $6 on this just to find out what a manly scent is.