Sometimes we write about stuff to which the only logical response is, “Why is this happening?” The problem with working on the internet is that the answer is almost always, “Because the world is a dark place and goodness only exists in small, obscure amounts.”

…Today, we bring you the 2013 Ladies of Manure Calendar, which features bikini-clad ladies laughing and smiling and lounging around in piles of excrement. For the environment!

The calendar is a Kickstarter project by a group called Fertile Earth. Here’s their explanation for doing this to people:

Fertile Earth Foundation is an environmental nonprofit based in Miami mostly known for our composting initiatives. We’ve been teaching people to rethink their waste for over 4 years. For those of you who don’t know what composting is, it’s basically turning organic waste into rich fertile soil. Organic waste is stuff like kitchen scraps, newspaper, yard trimmings, manure, even your very own poop! Anything that is not plastic, metal, or glass can be composted

During a Fertile Earth Workshop last year, one of our volunteers asked, “How did we get so far removed from our poop?” And it got us thinking… How many people think about their poop as often as we do? How often do you ponder your #2? It tells us a lot about our health and what we need to eat, if we are dehydrated and so on. Plus, did you know there are safe ways to turn even our waste into Humanure? Yes, that is composted human poop!

It goes on like that. As for the Ladies of Manure calendar itself, here’s a taste.


(via Gothamist)