As you may have heard, Lady Gaga was recently sued for $10 million by MGA Entertainment, the company with whom she’d been collaborating to produce a Lady Gaga doll. (She won.) The details of the dispute are probably interesting to first year entertainment law students, but this is a blog about fashion and beauty, so let’s talk about the mildly insulting paragraph about Gaga’s looks that came out as an inadvertent side effect of this lawsuit.

According to The New York Daily News, Lady Gaga’s people instructed MGA to make the doll’s facial structure “more supermodel-like…Think a prettier version of Gaga.” It continued: “Thin out the cheeks and sharpen the jawline. Give her more of a cat-eye and sexier, poutier lips.”

Did Lady Gaga actually say this? Because it’s mildly insulting to her appearance, in that it implies that a doll that actually looks like her is not pretty enough. Then again, if Gaga said it, it’s not nearly as insulting as if someone else wrote it. I can’t decide if it’s endearingly self-deprecating, in that she thinks her real face is not pretty enough to go on a doll, or megalomaniacal, in that she believes the doll version of her must look like a superhuman with giant lips and eyes.

That said, I’m much more concerned about the young girls who will presumably be playing with it than I am about Lady Gaga’s ego, which will be okay. What’s wrong with having a doll that looks just like their pop idol? Despite not really being a hetero sex symbol, Lady Gaga is, at the end of the day, already quite conventionally attractive (thin, blonde, symmetrical), and to say she’s still not good enough the way she is sort of undermines her whole “born this way, you are beautiful just the way you are” message of empowerment, no?

(Via Styleite)