Just when you thought it was safe to go to Macys!

After much digital whittling and sexy teaser-ing, Lady Gaga has launched her new perfume “Fame” with a five-minute-long commercial (above) as well as an event at the Guggenheim that stretched the artistic limits of product promotion. (She really likes to sleep in that egg, huh?)

As you can see in the wackypants video, Lady Gaga wants you to know that her scented water is different from all the other scented waters out there because it may or may not cause you to split into multiple insane alien personas and shoot yourself in the face. I especially like the way she climbs out of the bleeding(?) mouth and has a stylized fashion threesome with two gay guys. I’m not even being entirely facetious! This video is undeniably cool…for a perfume commercial. Which probably makes it less cool than if it were just a film she made for her Intro To Scary Psychosexual Imagery class at NYU, but whatever.

I mean, look. I like performance art and people being weirdos and spooky Alien referencing videos that should be sexy but aren’t as much as the next guy. I even like theater people, in small doses. But seeing as the enterprise’s entire purpose is to sell you a product, can it really be taken seriously as Art? Is art made for the purpose of advancing consumerist goals any less inherently valuable than art made for the purpose of self-expression or political struggle? I’m leaning towards a big fat “yes” because I’m not yet a total nihilist and postmodernism scares me, but feel free to disagree with me in the comments.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)