Lady Gaga has the L’Uomo Vogue cover, all done up like an androgynous pirate robot. She was shot by Inez and Vinoodh and this is news because there’s a topless shot. But wait!

(Also, there is nipple, so: NSFW)

As much as we really like the portrait below on the right (seriously, she looks great), we couldn’t help but think, “Something’s different.” Maybe it’s the angle, maybe it’s photo-editing, but the singer’s breasts are pretty well-documented and they haven’t historically looked like this:

Of course, the idea of Gaga having her breasts done is only strange if she’s somehow convinced us she’s quantifiably different from any other pop star. Even her hero Marina Abramovic went under the knife in the ’90s. So… maybe having fake tits is the new avant-garde.

(via HuffPost Style)