Lady Gaga poses in her underwear to show off her recent weight gain

Lady Gaga has recently come under fire for a weight gain of “about 20 lbs” which is preposterous for all the reasons. Moreover, this is a woman who has talked openly and candidly about her struggles with eating disorders in the past, so it’s especially disheartening to see photos of her beneath appalling headlines like “Looking meatier” (Daily Mail, obviously).

Anyway, Gaga decided to tackle her critics head on by posing in her underwear, unretouched and makeup-free. Look, people are welcome to be cynical about this (because it may be a publicity stunt, because it may be a publicity stunt for her father’s critically-reviled restaurant, because she’s still in great shape, etc) and you know that TheGloss editors love to roll our collective eyes at the idea that going without makeup is some indication of “bravery” but… we also think it’s genuinely cool and positive for a famous woman to pose unretouched on her own terms. This isn’t some magazine-selling vehicle (SANS FARDS!) with lots of sunset-y lighting and oversized alpaca sweaters with windswept hair on a beach; they are very honest photos of an extremely famous woman, who looks recognizably human.

Gaga also started a new Twitter, A Body Revolution, (as part of the Born This Way Foundation) where she’s been posting said photos and inviting fans to participate.

And all this would be great and cool and positive if Gaga hadn’t enlisted her pal Terry Richardson to take the photos. Can’t win ’em all. Anyway, here’s some more:

Lady Gaga unretouched by Terry Richardson

And one more, from Richardson’s Tumblr:

Lady Gaga unretouched by Terry Richardson

Check out the new Twitter for more.