Lady Gaga promoting her new album "Artpop" at Berlin's famous Berghain club.

Guys, what is going on with Lady Gaga in Berlin? Girl’s outfits are going wild. I mean, I realize she has always been weird, but between the Little Bo Peep costume and the horrifying chicken nugget helmet (mask? accessory? large wearable snack?), I’m a little concerned about how she thinks people in Germany dress. Now, she has moved onto doing her makeup in an ultra-bizarre way.

While promoting her new album Artpop at Berlin’s famed Berghain club, Gaga wore one of her strangest outfits in a long time. On the club’s blue carpet, she had on a large fur coat, a set of black lingerie, garters, thigh high tights and platform boots. But the best/worst/weirdest part? Her white eyeliner, white mascara and enormous fake mustache.

Lady Gaga promoting her new album "Artpop" at Berlin's famous Berghain club.

As a side note, I am loving her septum piercing’s jewelry and it’s making me miss my own. :(

Obviously, Lady Gaga has always been pretty strange and worth talking about because fashion is boring when it is always the same (“Old Hollywood glamour made new” can only be done on so many red carpets before we all want to scream that it is therefore current Hollywood glamour). So while I do find these looks to be approximately as appealing as the clown from It, I do sincerely appreciate her giving us all something to talk about. And for adding another item to the list of pop culture costumes everyone you know will do.

Photo: Anita Bugge/Future Image/