reddit ladybeard gnome

If anything could make a person regret that chic pixie cut, it’s this cool “Ladybeards” Internet meme going on over at Reddit.

Long-haired women have been looping, braiding, and flipping their hair into complicated styles that actually look exactly like the big, bushy beards one might see around one’s favorite bar. (Provided one’s favorite bar hosts a regular “awesome beard” contest, which it should if it is any kind of bar.)

reddit ladybeard

This one is so impressive we can’t believe it hasn’t really been growing out of her face for the past 10 years while she carefully maintains it with fish oil supplements and coconut oil deep-conditioning treatments.

reddit ladybeard shesus

This “Shesus” ladybeard looks like Jesus with a better conditioning regimen. We can see the resemblance.

People aren’t giving up at just a plain beard, either. Some of the options are pretty damn creative, like the awesome gnome posted above. And this Gimli beard, which is more impressive than any crown braid we’ve ever seen.

reddit ladybeard gimli beardThey aren’t all quite that complicated, but even a regular beard appears to take a fair amount of styling. We have a lot of hair, and this seemed pretty easy at first. But then we gave it a try and must say creating an impressive lady beard is not nearly as easy as it looks. Our hair kept slipping out and wandering away, and when we could get it to stay in place, it just looked shrimpy, not thick and impressive like these do.

But now this is a thing and we have to stick to it until we’ve pulled one off as well as this teacher, who braided her long blonde hair into a Gimli beard so impressive she was unrecognizable afterwards.